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Our Electronic Medical Record software is powerful and can improve efficiency and workflow.
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Allergy & Immunology EHR Software

Your allergy practice faces unique challenges that need to be solved by a company that focuses on your specialty. IMS for Allergy is a software solution that meets the unique needs of allergy practices by offering a fully integrated Scheduler, EMR, Billing Tool, Electronic Eligibility Tracker, Skin Testing Module, Immunotherapy Module, Document Manager, Letter Writer, Healthcare Portal, and much more.

Why Choose Our CCHIT Certified Allergy EHR?

IMS for Allergists is the proven solution that meets allergists' needs and gives you more than just an EMR. Our fully integrated EHR software will turn your whole practice into an electronic medical office. Purchase IMS as a complete solution to optimize your practice's efficiency or as a stand-alone Practice Management, EMR, or Immunotherapy solution that can interface with your existing software.

  • Document environmental and allergy histories quickly
  • Create custom treatment plans for patients with ease
  • Document skin test results instantly
  • Create immunotherapy recipes in a flash
  • Administer immunotherapy shots quickly and safely
  • Track immunotherapy patients who are late for shots
  • Automatically bill shots and serum based on insurance protocols
  • Obtain authorizations and consents prior to patients’ anniversary cycles

Allergy EMR Software Features

We think you'll agree that our solution was created specifically with your allergy or immunology needs in mind. With over 200 employees and over ten years of experience making software solutions, allergist have come to trust IMS because of our amazing feature set and support.

Lab Tracking

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IMS for Allergists supports HL7 interfaces to transfer diagnostic/lab orders electronically. Customized test templates, pre-printed order forms, and print or fax orders are also handled with ease.

  • Easily track diagnostic/lab orders
  • Send or receive diagnostic/lab orders electronically
  • Conduct pre-import checks
  • View comparative and graphical representation of lab data


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Our flexible and comprehensive prescription/e-prescribe module easily tracks medication and refill histories. Complete with drug education integration, dosing, allergy and drug interactions and contraindication checks—IMS helps you ensure the safety and well-being of each of your patients:

  • Maintain history of current/past medications
  • Drug education
  • Create frequently used individual or group medication templates
  • Transmit prescriptions by print, fax or e-prescribe

Allergy Shot Module

A well-defined allergy shot process can ensure patient safety and improve efficiency. The Shot Module offers:

  • Quick documentation of pre- and post injection questionnaires
  • Enhanced patient safety with bar-coded vials
  • Automated Patient Shot Schedules
  • Validations and warnings for expired vials and early or late shot administrations
  • Useful reminders for future tasks
  • Color-coded shot histories

Allergy Late Shots Follow-Up

Most allergy practices cannot determine the patients that are falling off of their Immunotherapy schedule. This can lead to poor patient care and lost revenues. With IMS’s late shot follow up, you can:

  • Identify patients missing immunotherapy
  • Document Follow-Up notes
  • Generate batch e-mail follow-ups
  • Generate batch letters
  • Generate Reminders

Reaction Checking and Treatment

IMS allows you to quickly document reactions and any associated treatments. Users can:

  • Document local and systemic reactions with customizable templates
  • Define alerts and reminders for critical reactions
  • Link care plans with treatments
  • Quickly document no-reactions or unchecked reactions

Template-Based Allergy Skin Testing

The Skin Test module allows you to quickly document skin test results. You can define antigens, allergens and diluents for therapy from a single screen. Users can:

  • Define custom panels
  • Define allergens, diluents, histamines and antigens
  • Document skin tests using wheal and flare or scores
  • Quickly access previous skin tests

Allergy Shot Schedule Templates

IMS provides you with standard shot schedule templates to manage your patients’ shots more effectively. With schedule templates you can:

  • Define individualized or templated shot schedules
  • Track build-up and maintenance shots
  • Modify patient shot schedules as needed
  • Follow up with patients who have late or missed shots via email and letter templates

Authorization/Referral Tracking

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Authorization verification is provided for check-in and charge posting to ensure insurance reimbursements. With IMS you can:

  • Set authorization requirements by procedure and insurance
  • Use insurance-approved, pre-printed authorization forms
  • Reduce claim rejections due to missing authorizations

Allergy Letter Writing & Form Filling

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Quickly and easily generate letters and forms with customizable input fields that auto-populate with information. With this module you get:

  • Extensive mail-merge capabilities
  • Pre-defined letter templates
  • Procedure and insurance specific, image-based forms
  • Easy to use form filling tools
  • Mapping of data fields within letters and forms
  • Password protected signature security

IVR "Interactive Voice Response" Services
(Automatic Patient Reminders)

Decrease the burden on your staff and increase your revenues by reducing missed appointments! Have the automated reminder system - or a live receptionist - call your patients to confirm appointments. The service is available in two methods. Learn more.

Allergy Practice Management Software

There's no substitute for an integrated electronic medical record system. Our EMR software is much more than an electronic filing manager, it's an entire electronic practice management software specifically designed for allergy and immunology specialists. With fully integrated EMR modules, our software provides total office solutions that greatly improve organization, efficiency and security.

Allergy Patient Appointment Scheduling Software

One of the most versatile, full-featured, and customizable appointment schedulers on the market. Staff can manage workflow with great efficiency and effectively orchestrate the resources of multiple offices - or just one. Integrates with the array of IMS modules, allowing all users instant access to account balances, co-payments, patient demographics, face sheets, visit notes, prescriptions, alerts, reminders, notes, and more.

  • Adapts to procedures and workflow you're already used to.
  • Easy to mimic and enhance existing workflow.
  • Prevent un-billable encounters before they take place.
  • Improve patient care and minimize end-user errors.
  • Increase Office Staff efficiency and satisfaction.
  • Effectively manage multi-office resources.
  • Reserve time slots for specific procedures.
  • Export schedules to Windows-CE-based handhelds.
  • Decrease no-shows and no-show liabilities.

Healthcare Portal / Auto Registration
IMS Healthcare Portal

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Built by physicians and pharmacists, the Healthcare Portal allows patients access to a personal healthcare homepage to view and update most information related to their current health record. It also allows patients to pre-register for doctor visits via a secure Internet interface.

  • Patients can access a secure, personalized healthcare homepage from anywhere in the world. They can view lab results, access current health records, view/update appointments and schedules, refill prescriptions, and receive and reply to notes from their doctors - from their own personal computer.
  • Patients get immediate assistance with health complaints by completing condition-specific questionnaires that suggest possible diagnoses and lead patients to links for case-specific self-education.
  • Automatically deliver patient outcomes and disease management tools to the patient's home.
  • Secure Internet interface. Sensitive data is only viewable by patients and their physician.
  • In an emergency, ER doctors can obtain important information (such as drug allergies, or diabetic history) so proper treatments can be administered when time is critical.


"The only EMU that is specially designed for Allergists which Guarantees 100% Stimulus Incentives!"
Dr. Lenoir, M.D., Allergist
Comprehensive Allergy & Bay Area Pediatrics

"The on-site training that we received was great! The trainers were very patient and helpful."
Asthma & Allergy Sinus Center for Tuscaloosa

"IMS has improved the billing payment turnaround time. The denied claims have been reduced drastically. The implementation process was smooth and the system is very user friendly."
Dr Daft ray's office

"We chose IMS and only after a few months of using it, we were convinced that it is the best EHR system on the market. It is a true integrated solution for our practice that has allowed us to become more efficient without the headaches of interfaces."
Jeff McGee
Allergy & Asthma Center