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Four Fundamentals for Selecting Your Next EHR

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Doctor choosing EMR softwareThe selection process to find the ideal EHR software takes time, but choosing the right system can result in improved patient care, increased efficiency and reduced costs. This is why it is important to define your practice’s needs before starting your search, to research vendors thoroughly, and to understand how an EHR might benefit you in the long run. Though there are many questions you should ask yourself before you start examining your options, these four fundamentals are a good place to get started:

1. Think about what makes your practice unique.

To choose the right EHR for your practice, you first need to determine what makes it different from the average healthcare organization. Is your specialty uncommon? Does your workflow differ greatly from other clinics? Do you use an old billing system that might not be easy to integrate with a new EHR? If you take the time to think about your practice and how it operates, it will be easier for you to come up with questions to ask potential EHR partners. The more thorough your questions and research, the more likely you will be to end up with the right EHR.

2. Get to know the EHR vendor.

Researching an EHR system to ensure that it meets all of your practice’s needs is important, but you also want to make sure that you do your homework and get to know the EHR vendor. Once your electronic medical record system is installed, is the vendor going to be there to help you customize the software? Will their training and support team help make sure you make it to your “go live” date and that your staff is adequately prepared? The relationship with your vendor is ongoing, so make sure that they are people you want to work with.

3. Consider the importance of mobile-ready EHR software.

More and more doctors want to use their smartphones to connect to their EHR, yet few electronic medical record systems provide this useful capability. Whether your have the need for this feature now or think you might in the future, make sure the EHR vendor you partner with provides software that is mobile compatible. Being able to access patient records on-the-can help you respond to patient requests, view scheduled appointments, and monitor important test results for critical patients even when you are out of the office.

4. Choose an EHR that will grow with your organization.

Mobile capabilities aside, there are many other EHR features that few systems have but that are likely to be the norm in coming years. Patient portal software, for example, is gaining importance as providers prepare for Meaningful Use Stage 2. Even if you are not participating in Meaningful Use and have no plans to in the future, you will eventually want a patient portal to meet patient demands. If you don’t want to use that feature quite yet, you can always ask your EHR vendor if you have the option to add it in the future. EHRs that can be customized, that easily adapt to changes in workflow, and that can interface with other software tend to be systems that make physicians happier long-term.

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Mental Health Patient Portal Software: Increasing Patient Comfort and Reducing Costs

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Mental Health EHRTimes are changing in the medical field, and it’s not hard to see why. Modern technology has brought about a myriad of benefits, facilitating higher efficiency, accuracy and convenience for both doctors and patients alike. Through the use of mental health EHR software, for example, psychiatrists are now providing patients with easy access to their health records and tests, online scheduling, and more. New technologies are also helping reduce costs for providers and patients and, more importantly, they are helping to improve care delivery and treatment outcomes.

By using EHR-integrated patient portal software, mental health professionals are able to provide their patients a safe place to answer sensitive questions. Being able to answer personal questions in a non-threatening environment (and knowing that their information is kept confidential and secure) allows patients to really open up. Additionally, filling this information out online before a scheduled appointment reduces waiting time for the patient, while simultaneously giving medical staff extra time to address the patient’s questions and concerns about specific things they may have trouble understanding. It also gives providers the data they need to make accurate diagnoses.

Patient portal solutions, when used together with EHR software for psychiatry or mental health, also allow patients take advantage of convenient features such as online scheduling and bill pay, e-consultations, and easy medication refill requests. In addition to this, psychiatry EHRs can be customized to meet the unique needs of mental health patients by allowing them to list out their health issues before their appointment, on their own time, eliminating unnecessary stress.

Not only do online healthcare portals increase efficiency and patient customization, they also reduce costs for the provider. Some aspects of online portals that cut IT and administrative costs at the benefit of the patient include the ability to:

  • Add patient demographics before initial appointment and update them anytime.
  • Add and update billing and insurance information.
  • Input current medications.
  • Enter past medical history and family history.
  • Fill out part of the subjective note for the provider.
  • Send secure messages to the provider.
  • View documents, immunizations, and labs.
  • Update and monitor vital signs.
  • View care plans.
  • Complete intake forms.
  • View statements and pay bills online.
  • Request appointments without making a phone call.
  • Request prescription refills online.
  • Access patient education resources.
  • Check for authorizations and referrals.

Keeping customer service as the primary focus in medical care, we provide an optimal solution to lowering costs while increasing comfort and convenience. Our psychiatric EHR software is fully certified and HIPAA compliant, ensuring patient information is kept confidential, strictly between the patient and provider.

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Endocrinology EHR Software: Improving Care for Diabetic Patients

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Diabetology EHREndocrinology and diabetology EHR software increases the efficiency of documenting patient medical records for physicians. In fact, using EHR software improves clinical documentation, ensures health records are safe and secure, and results in a faster and more effective retrieval process. Full-featured EHRs, like 1st Providers Choice’s IMS solution, can also make patients’ lives easier and result in better medical care overall by integrating with glucose devices and other self-monitoring tools.

Using recent advances in technology built into our IMS for Diabetology and Endocrinology EHR software, physicians can automatically download glucose meter results from patients’ portal glucose devices. All you have to do is connect the patient’s device to a laptop or PC running the EHR. You can then import results from the device into the EHR directly into the health record of the patient you select. Not only will your endocrinology practice save by having patient data automatically documented and analyzed, but patients will no longer have to manually keep track of this data.

At 1st Providers Choice, we have years of experience working with endocrinologists and diabetology practices. This has given us the experience necessary to implement highly successful EHR solutions. Our technology is tailored to the endocrinology specialty throughout the application, from documentation templates and custom forms and billing.

Aside from certified EHR software, we also offer fully integrated practice management and patient portal solutions. Practices that use our patient portal software, in addition to our endocrinology EHR, have the option of allowing patients to upload glucose readings themselves. Once approved by a member of your staff, this data can be added automatically into the patient’s EHR chart. When patients get involved in their care, everyone wins. Endocrinologists can ensure their patients’ health records are complete and accurate, allowing them to deliver better care.

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EHR Software That Connects Physicians with Their Patients

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Our Electronic Health Record software is one of the most trusted, well-designed specialty healthcare products in the market today. Not only is it a secure, full-featured electronic medical records system, but it is also fully integrated with a multitude of useful medical management office modules that improve the workflow of your practice. See how our Electronic Health Record software can help your practice improve care quality for patients, reduce risk, cut costs, and increase revenue.

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