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How Pulmonology EMR Software Helps Practices Breathe Easy

Friday, June 19th, 2015

Switching to electronic health records software for the first time can be a huge undertaking for pulmonology practices, especially if the software being implemented has not been designed specifically for the pulmonology specialty. Unfortunately, many medical practices find this to be true only after having used their newly-acquired EMR software in a live environment. By this time, the practice will have invested large amounts of time and money into the software, despite the EMR not being capable of meeting many of the practice’s basic needs.

Pulmonology EMR software

Implementing Pulmonology EMR software is the easiest way to avoid this type of headache. While generic systems may impede workflow and create extra work for providers and staff, Pulmonology EMR software is designed to simplify all types of clinical and administrative processes – from scheduling, patient registration and insurance verification to entering visit notes, selecting proper billing codes and more.

Not convinced that EMR software for  pulmonology practices is the way to go? Here are a few reasons why implementing this type of software will benefit your practice.

Streamline Workflow to Get Work Done on Time

According to a recent Medscape survey, 47 percent of pulmonologists report feeling burned out, with the top three reasons for physician burnout being:

  • Too many bureaucratic tasks
  • Spending too many hours at work
  • Increasing computerization of practice

Fortunately, a well-designed EMR system can help alleviate many of these daily burdens. Pulmonology EMR software comes pre-loaded with specialty-specific templates and forms to reduce data entry. It also includes voice transcription and handwriting recognition software which allows information to be entered into the software depending on the physician’s preference. In addition, patient portal integration moves many tasks online, significantly reducing administrative workload.

Most importantly, the software streamlines clinical, administrative and financial tasks, allowing all types of actions to be carried out from different places within the EMR. For example, staff can easily schedule or update appointments from the scheduling screen or from the patient’s chart, and providers can quickly access important information from the patient dashboard.

Use the Software in a Sleep Medicine Setting

Many Pulmonology EMR software systems, such as 1st Providers Choice, are also designed to be used in sleep medicine environments. This is due to the fact that pulmonologists often treat sleep disorders and require software that meets the needs of both medical specialties. For example, much like Sleep Medicine EMR software, Pulmonology EMRs offer staff the ability to schedule patients by bed when conducting sleep studies – something that general EMR software does not allow.

To learn more about these and other EMR software benefits for pulmonologists, call 480-782-1116 or contact us online.

1st Providers Choice to Attend Florida Academy of Pain Medicine 2015 Scientific Meeting

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

Leading Pain Management EMR software vendor 1st Providers Choice is pleased to announce that members of our team will be attending the 2015 Scientific Meeting hosted by the Florida Academy of Pain Medicine (FAPM) in conjunction with the Florida Society of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and the American Academy of Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine.

The conference is set to take place at the Grand Cypress Hotel in Orlando, Florida from June 26-28. Health professionals will have the opportunity to earn their 20 mandatory credit hours at the meeting, in addition to networking with other pain medicine specialists.

1st Providers Choice will join other industry-specific product vendors and service providers in the exhibit hall to showcase our Stage 2 certified EMR software for pain medicine. The software offers a wealth of features to improve healthcare delivery and practice profitability. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with our billing and scheduling solution and online patient portal for total practice management.

E-prescribing Software for Pain Medicine

Our EMR software for pain medicine specialists includes an advanced e-prescribing module. It makes it easy for providers to automatically download a list of current medications, and it allows for e-prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS). EPCS improves prescription management and medication adherence and reduces medication abuse and fraud.

Pain Management EMR Software

For more information about EPCS and our leading EMR software for Pain Medicine, call 480-782-1116.

PQRS: What It Is and How to Participate

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

The Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) is a program that encourages eligible healthcare professionals and group practices to report information to Medicare on the quality of care that they provide.

Using feedback provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), physicians can then easily assess the quality of care that they are providing, compare their performance to their peers, and make necessary adjustments in order to improve care quality. This ensures that patients always have access to the best care possible.


PQRs participants are eligible to receive incentive payments if they adequately report on quality measures – and starting in 2015, they may also get negative payment adjustments for failing to meet quality metrics.

With the June 30, 2015 deadline looming, the end of the reporting year for PQRS, 1st Providers Choice has put a team together to help clients get started. From getting your practice setup for PQRS reporting to explaining the steps that need to be taken to avoid penalties, our team provides comprehensive assistance – both for individual physicians and those reporting as a group.

How to Participate in PQRS

The first step is to find out whether you are eligible to participate in the PQRS program. Then you will need to decide whether to participate as an individual physician or as part of a group practice. (Practices with two or more physicians using the same Tax Identification Number may report PQRS measures as a group instead of individually.) If you are not sure what the differences are, we can help – just call 480-782-1116 today to speak with a PQRS expert.

Reporting methods will vary depending on if you are participating individually or as a group. Individual physicians may choose to report on quality information through one of the following methods:

  1. Medicare Part B claims
  2. Qualified PQRS registry
  3. Using Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT)
  4. CEHRT via Data Submission Vendor
  5. Qualified clinical data registry (QCDR)

For more information about the Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO), click here.

Getting Help with PQRS

With 1st Providers Choice’s fully certified EHR software, PQRS compliance is simple. Our team is knowledgeable on what is required for PQRS reporting, and we are committed to assisting physicians with successful PQRS submissions.

Contact us to learn more or to get help answering questions about PQRS qualifying and reporting.